We are a government licensed institution that specializes in the understanding and creation of orthotics and prosthetics. We offer them custom made or pre-fabricated, and we take great pride in understanding exactly what you need and want. We are sellers of many brands of orthopedic sandals, shoes, and boots, as well as compression wear and post-surgical wear. We also offer a special service, with our orthesist Martin Dussault, for dogs who need prosthetics.

We offer other points of service in Kirkland and Lachine where we combine our skills with those of a multidisciplinary team of experienced specialists. In order to provide you with professional, quality service and to minimize waiting times, we prefer to operate by appointment only through our email or phone line.

We hold a license approved by the RAMQ, the CSST, the SAAQ, the MAS, Indian affairs, veterans and most private insurances (according to the coverage plan). Our head office is located at 1435 rue Du Collège in Ville St-Laurent, facing the du collège metro station and right near the du Collège bus station. We have free adjacent parking strictly reserved for our customers and an access ramp for people with reduced mobility.

A wide choice of normal, widened or extra deep orthopedic footwear is offered to you at our laboratory in Ville St-Laurent where we keep our stock and place orders. Our qualified staff take care of each of our clients individually and help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Our area of ​​expertise also extends to orthopedic devices of all kinds, whether for the upper limbs, lower limbs, back or ankles. We offer orthopedic quality prefabricated orthotics and custom made orthotics for more problematic cases or for high level athletes who want to increase their performance. Our plantar orthotics, which have made us famous among health professionals, are uniquely designed on a plaster cast of our client’s feet. The cast is made of a mixture of high density thermoplastic foams and cork. They are then vacuum molded and cut according to the specific needs of each customer. Special attention is given to customers with diabetes and vascular disorders, as we also have a wide range of medical stockings available. Our specialists will be happy to help you choose the compression stockings best suited to your venous condition.

Our clientele, loyal since 1994, consists of regular every day people, athletes, professional athletes (sports, olympics), people with disabilities, children, seniors, and even animals. All our clients share the same desire to find relief from their foot or limb pain, or even to avoid future injuries.

If you’d like to learn more or wish to meet with one of our specialists to discuss products and care, call us or email us at our St-Laurent branch to schedule an appointment at any of our 3 branches.

We hope to see you soon!