The Laboratoire Orthopédique Saint-Laurent is a government licensed institution acknowledged by the RAMQ, CSST, MAS, Indian affairs, Veterans affairs and most private insurance companies (depending on the coverage plan) Our mission is to measure, make, fit and repair orthotics and prosthetics. We currently have a team of 4 orthesists ready to see you, evaluate and fulfill your needs. We can also be found in 3 offices situated in St-Laurent, Kirkland, and Lachine. We are proud to have helped several professional athletes (hockey, football, soccer, tennis and others), Olympians and other high-level competitive athletes (judo, skiing, snowboarding, skating, and water polo) as well as athletes of all level, children, elderlies and people with physical disabilities.

Our team of experienced prosthetists and orthotists will fill your prescribed needs and help you enjoy a better quality of life. We manufacture all types of custom orthotics be they for your back, feet, upper limbs or lower limbs. We also have many prefabricated orthotics from highly reputable companies( see the Products section). Our laboratory also specializes in foot orthotics. All of our foot orthotics are custom-made from molds to treat the problem diagnosed by your doctor. Special attention is taken during the assessment and measuring to ensure the proper choice of material and style to suit your orthotic problem (see the Foot Orthotics section).

We also offer a large variety of orthopedic shoes to accommodate your feet and orthotics, with some selections to see in person at our Saint-Laurent location (see the Shoes section).

We hope to see you soon!

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