Compression Socks

Are your legs heavy and sore at the end of the day? You might be suffering from venous insufficiency. Compression socks or stockings can eliminate this kind of discomfort. They can help relieve the pain caused by venous disorders such as varicose veins, phlebitis, vein thrombosis and lymphedema. They can relieve pain from vascular disorders related to diabetes or even from pregnancy.

We offer a wide selection of compression socks and stockings from widely recognized, top of the line companies such as Sigvaris, Jobst, Mediven, Airway Surgical and Bauerfeind. Most of our compression products are available in knee-high, thigh-high and full lower body lengths. Each product is measured to ensure an exact fit as opposed to over the counter socks or stockings. Thus you obtain a perfect graduated compression, whatever the size of your leg.

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