Ankle Braces

Depending on the diagnosis, you can choose from a wide selection of ankle braces; elastic, lace, rigid or plaster molded. They are typically used to stabilize the ankle following trauma.

Ankle supports with a higher flexibility are used for mild instability, swelling and class I sprains. Some support feature metal or elastic stays and/or dynamic belts to increase stability, others contain silicone inserts to protect a painful scar or a calcified Achilles tendon.

Laced ankle supports are ideal for class II sprains. They are extremely effective in the practice of sports.

Rigid ankle supports are needed for severe class II and class III sprains (post casting). Commonly referred to as “U” shaped ankle supports, they are equipped with inflatable lateral insertions for better comfort.

The walking boots that we offer are designed to immobilize the ankle while allowing the patient to walk after trauma or surgery. They are available in long or short versions as required by the physician. Some also include inflatable side panels which, when inflated, will provide an adjustment at the ankle when swelling reduces. Custom-made walking boots can also be made to offload the weight on the sole of the foot when ulcers and pressure points are present.

The ankle/foot orthotics are prefabricated or custom molded. Made out of thin plastic, they can be inserted into shoes, which allows for a discreet usage. They are used by patients suffering from severe arthritis or deformities such as clubfoot or Charcot foot and more commonly for drop foot. Some are specially designed to be used at night. They can be equipped with dynamic extension straps for those who suffer from spasticity, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and Achilles tendinitis.

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